About Lanas

Lanas items are handmade with exquisitely diverse capulanas, vibrant fabrics and lots of enthusiasm!

Lanas brings together an average of 10 young women and men, met through community centres in different districts of Maputo. Their talent, aspirations and energy are the driving forces of Lanas.

It all began in the Mozambican winter of 2014, with the desire to create unique and practical capulana items, which were not found on the market. Since then, over 6‘000 handmade items have been sold!

Lanas is driven by socially equitable and responsible ethos and ultimately aims to promote and support the self-reliance of the youth involved.

While Lanas enterprise offers diverse opportunities, it is up to each individual to find their motivation and commitment. Indeed, each tailor decides for him/herself how many items they wish to produce, and therefore set their monthly income.
Besides practicing their sewing, tailors can acquire new crafting techniques and skills (such as design and quality aspects, customer relations, basic accounting and business skills, English and computer skills).

In November 2016, Lanas garage shop opened its doors and is managed by one of the very first Lanas tailors. Lanas continues to look for young people to expand the social enterprise and its creative energy.

From the onset, the goal was to hand over the creative and managerial ownership of Lanas to a core group of young tailors. Today, 50% of the shares are hold by two of the tailors that have been with Lanas from its beginning. The management of the production, shop and finances is by now managed by a core group of 4 tailors.

About Lanas young tailors

Julieta and Isabela have been involved with Lanas from its inception. They both completed their tailoring training in 2014. They manage their time and energy between crafting and caring for their toddlers. They are both talented and creative tailors and Lanas gives them the opportunity to refine their skills. Today Julieta is taking care of the shop welcoming clients as well as taking care of administrative and accounting tasks for Lanas LLP. She still produces a few items when there is time. During the last year she has as well trained her sister Jessifina in producing items for Lanas.


Fernando is a young and prolific tailor, who completed his tailoring training in 2015 and is pursuing his secondary education through evening classes. Gifted and determined, Fernando enjoys crafting each item with utmost care and precision. Today he works together with his trainee Willson in the Lanas Garage shop. Meet Fernando in the short film below. 


Delson and John are young tailors who set up their tailoring shop and are motivated to practice their newly acquired skills.


Dionisio is an experienced tailor who enjoys imparting his knowledge and skills to a team he mentors. Dionisio took on the production of the more "complex" items. He works independently, contributes high quality items and thus allows Lanas to further grow. 


Lanas has been working with Reencontro, a community based local NGO in Kamavota supporting children and their families. Reencontro runs a tailoring workshop and provides equipment and space for young people to learn and practice their skills. To date, four adolescents were engaged in Lanas activities and until 2017 Lanas has contributes to the running costs of Reencontro's sewing workshop. 


Other young tailors who contributed their time and efforts to Lanas include: Anifa, Yola, Veronika, Genito and Valdemiro. For the time being and due to various circumstances they have either taken on other activities or are on a break. 


We look forward to welcoming additional tailors and enhance Lanas creative energy!

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